It's all about how much we care…

…how much you care about how your home interior reflects your personality ; how much passion I put in each piece I create ; how special you want your next gift to be.
This is what commissioning art is.

It can be a portrait of your loved one from this picture you took on your first vacation together, or your favourite singer who inspires you every day, or this super hero who had your back since your childhood, or maybe your "Beast of wonder", your Patronus….

Having a painting made specially for you is a unique experience.
It's authentic, it's the fruit of our collaboration, and it's unlike anything you could just pick up in a store.

The final artwork is a hundred percent analogue: paper water and colours. Nothing digital, nothing industrial.

It's easier than you think, too.

Commissioning an artist can seem daunting at first.

It is in fact very easy and rewarding. All it takes is a short email, and I'll accompany you for the rest of the journey.

You can read more about it on the How It Works page.

I try to keep my rates as fair as possible. They are mostly based on the time spent.
Typical starting point is around AU$500 (≈ US$350) plus shipping.

But don't just take my word for it.

Working with Clémentine has been an honor and a dream come true for us...
From the very beginning, we knew she was the one who would be able to translate onto paper what we were feeling at the time...  the sweetness and dreamlike desire in anticipation of our first child, coming into this world.
Everything about this project was handled with tender love & care, the delivery was smooth and the final result was everything we hoped for.
One of the best experiences of our lifes for which we are still very grateful !
I ordered many Blule custom paintings...
The communication with Clementine was one of the best experience I have ever had, she kept me updated through out the all process. And in the end I was always more than pleased with the result. I Recommend her services to everybody and will certainly order more custom painting in the future. I give her 5 stars ★★★★★ all around.
My husband and I had our first date on the steps of the sacré cœur and when we decided to commission an artwork from Clémentine. We asked for a landscape of Paris which featured the sacré Coeur and the famous rooftops of the city. She came back to us quickly with a suggested illustration which we both loved, with an idea of the watercolours she planned on using, which we were happy with. She then went ahead and did the whole final art work which again, we adore! It's in our living room as the main art work and it's perfect.
I would highly recommend working with clementine, she is so talented and the whole process was a dream.