How it works…

…(and what to expect) when commissioning an artist.

Where to start?

This is easy: Just get in touch and say hi!
A simple email, a one liner with what you have in mind, and I’ll walk you through it all.
As I said, easy.

How to brief?

If you want to prepare here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.
Only a few might apply to your case, so don’t sweat it. This is just a guideline.

  • Subject/topic
    That should be the easy one. What do you want me to paint. Give as much or as few details as you want, leaving it to me to fill the gap.
  • Size and format
    A typical painting will be around 30 or 40cm (11.8 or 15.8in). I can go up to 50/60cm (20/23in), beyond that, the watercolour technique makes it harder.
    If you need a larger format, I can then scan (very high definition) and print to virtually any size.
  • Style examples
    I mostly paint in watercolour, but that still covers many different styles. You can browse my websites and grab examples of the ones that talk to you. I will then adapt the style for your painting.
  • Timeline
    Even though I’m usually busy for at least a couple of month ahead, my books are always open. We might need to move things around a bit, but we’ll find a way.

If it’s for professional use, it means you already have a set of constraints. Share as much as you can. For the copyrights quote I’ll need to know what the image be used for and the kind of diffusion.

How much does it costs?

Of course, it depends. Like anything, there is a wide range of possibilities: from a single painting to hang in a kids room, to a collection of a hundred and fifty images for a book.
The only common thing is that I keep my prices as fair as possible.

What will you receive?

Here also, it depends. If you commissioned a painting, you’ll get the original, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticiy, delivered rolled via express courier, anywhere in the world.

What about a frame?

I never provide the paintings framed.
First, they are hard to ship safely, but even more, a frame should match its painting as much as the interior it will live in. Whether you pick one up at Ikea or have one custom made by a professionnal framer, you should be the one making the final call.

And digital files?

For a professional use only, if you need a digital image, I can provide a very high resolution file cleaned up and ready to print (also see paragraph about copyrights below).

About copyrights…

Purchasing a painting from an artist does not grant you the right to make copies of it.
Copyrights are purchased separately, and price will depend on the usage (support, quantities, geography, etc.).

That also means that I remain the sole owner of any image I paint and can use it on my website, shops or any usage.